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ChwałaMU 2024

24-25 th of August
Cracow, Poland 

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We believe that the event in Wroclaw ChwałaMU 2023 was the beginning of great things to come.  We keep praying for the next edition of ChwalaMU 2024, stay tuned for more details.






Chwała Mu Project was set up in 2021 as a series of 14 professionally recorded audio-visual parts based on the message of faith, hope and love. From the very beginning, their form was entirely focused on God and on worshiping Him through Christian songs of worship, full of Spirit. All of those parts were then published on Marcin Zieliński YouTube channel, and a year after releasing them, they reached more than 2 mln views. Because of a great interest in the project and the flowing testimonies of divine actions, we decided to organize an event of the same kind, but as a live experience. 

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  • 14 recorded episodes

  • 2.5 million impressions

  • 14 bands from all over Poland

  • 96 musicians involved

  • 19 hours, 16 min and 55 sec of worship

  • A huge number of words sung for the One,
    Who is Worthy!

10 000 in one Name

We met on August 28, 2022 in the Atlas Arena in Łódź, where 10 000 people attended a six-hour prayer for worship Jesus Christ. The music part was led by Polish leaders of worship, as well as well-known artists.

Adam Sztaba - an outstanding Polish composer, arranger and conductor- led the orchestra consisting of 70 musicians. The entire meeting ended with the prayer for the sick and for the people in need. Its fruits are the testimonies which have been flowing to us since then.


See the performance of Lion song during a huge worship for 10,000 people - Chwała Mu 2022:






That August worship has awakened a desire to recreate the same atmosphere of prayer and to invite even more people to join us in worshiping our God. That is why we have decided to meet again. This time in the Tarczyński Arena Stadium in Wrocław which houses 30 000 people. We believe, that this event will rekindle the spirit of unity, show the diversity and the strength of the Church and its universality. This year we will be joined by Jeremy Riddle, who is the leader of worship from Southern California, and Robby Dawkins, an evangeliser who reaches the most dangerous corners of the world where Christians are persecuted. Our intention is to draw from our brothers’ experiences and to be open to a broader context giving the space to the Holy Spirit.


All for His glory


If it is your dream to be fulfilled with the prayer of worship through which the Lord himself will act in you, in your family, in your neighbourhood, in your community, in your city and in your country – come and meet us on July, 8th in Wrocław, Poland. Come for the fruit which will introduce you to the reality of tangible miracles that are visible here on Earth.

Let’s worship Him together, regardless of the circumstances and the national context. Let’s share our experiences of the relations with God and let’s learn from one another, to make His dream come true – ‘ that they all may be one’ ( John, 17:21)


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See you soon! 

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